Challenge Shepparton Course

The Challenge Shepparton Course starts and finishes at the stunning Victoria Park Lake precinct.

Victoria Park Lake is located in the heart of Shepparton and is a central gathering point for visitors and locals.


Swim Course

Swim Course is an M-shaped 1.9km course in Victoria Park Lake. Athletes enter the water from the boat ramp and swim 5-10 meters to a deep water start line.  Athletes are dispersed in waves starting with Elites followed by age group athletes, segregated into male and female age groups. An exit gantry is built allowing athletes a safe exit and a clear entry into the bike transition.

Fresh water is pumped into the lake over a 20-30 day period, and then filtered through the natural filtration system in the wetland area.  This provides ideal water quality and good visibility. Traditionally the water temperature is a mild 19 degrees, therefore wetsuits are optional.  A harvester boat is placed on the lake in the months leading up to the event to remove any underwater weeds.

If for any reason you are unable to start the swim, you must advise officials. The course has plenty of viewing points along the lake edge for spectators.  Spectators are advised to keep paths free and be on the watch for athletes, as the path network is also part of the sprint distance run course.

The Challenge Shepparton lake swim is regarded as one of the best in open water swim courses in Australia, enjoy!


Bike Course

Bike Course is a two lap 45km circuit (90km in total) along the Midland Highway and Toolamba Road to Old Toolamba and return. The course is flat and open allowing athletes to settle into a rhythm and produce fast times.

Once Athletes have collected their bikes from the compound you will run with their bikes to the mount line on Welsford Street.  They then depart Shepparton across the Peter Ross Edwards causeway which is framed by natural red gum forest.  You will ride through the township of Mooroopna, then along cycle friendly country roads flanked by local farms and fields towards the township of Toolamba.  Here the course loops and heads back towards Shepparton.  The turnaround point is at the event village where friends and family can cheer and inspire the athletes as they head out for their second lap.

After completion of the 2nd lap you will dismount and head back into the bike compound at the event site for T2.

Download the bike course map here

PLEASE NOTE: There is a cut-off time of 12 noon for completing the bike leg as the roads will re-open for traffic.  Cyclists falling behind this cut-off may be turned around early, but we don’t anticipate this affecting many (if any) riders.


Run Course

Run Course is loved by all athletes.  The run leg consists of three (3) 7.03 kilometre laps (21.1km in total).  Runners head out of T2 along the lake edge and around Aquamoves where they enter the red gum forest and river flats.  The course crosses the Goulburn River at two points on each lap.  Athletes return to run between the lake and the river then loop around to then follow the lake edge back towards the event village.  It’s here they enter the compound, run past Club Row to the turnaround point.  There are plenty of viewing points for spectators, club members, family and friends to get up close and cheer which adds to the atmosphere.  Most of the course is flat apart from some rises over bridges and lake edges and this makes for a very competitive race and an exciting final leg.

On the final lap of the run leg, athletes will enter the Challenge Shepparton finish chute where the culmination of all the hard work and training is realised. When passing under the finishing arch each athlete’s official time will be recorded and volunteers will present official medals and towels to all finishers. Challenge steins are available for collection as athletes make their way to the recovery area for a free traditional celebration beer, hydration and recovery meal. It’s here you can celebrate with fellow athletes and soak up the rewards.  All athletes will have access to the massage area which is staff by qualified masseurs.

There is no official cut-off time for the run leg and medical and first aid are close by if required.

Course Maps

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