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Challenge Shepparton Terms and Conditions

If you require information on: event definitions, claims, eligibility to participate, your obligations, risks, liability and indemnity. Personal insurance, property damage, event fees, refunds, transfers, team entry refund policy, resale, privacy and governing laws then please read our current Race Waiver.

Triathlon Australia

For Triathlon Australia membership enquiries, to find your local triathlon club, or a triathlon coach, check out the event calendar and much more information visit www.triathlon.org.au

Entry Registration (Refund) Insurance

Here at Challenge Shepparton we want to change the culture of entering triathlon.  So for the first time in Australia we have included Registration (refund) Insurance in the cost of the Individual entry.  Athletes have more time to enter races these days but we as organisers need to know our start numbers early so we can plan the best possible experience for our athletes.

Before entering a race many athletes tell us “I’ll wait and see how my training goes”, “What happens if I get injured, there are cancellation fees”, “What if my job or family circumstances change”.  We understand there are many unknowns.

Research tells us that once you physically enter a race and push the button; your training progresses, your fitness improves, your commitment to early mornings or long sessions develops and you are more motivated and focussed on achieving your goal.

So we have introduced cancellation/refund insurance to protect your entry fee.  What does this mean? In summary it means that once you enter Challenge Shepparton you are automatically insured if you have to cancel prior to the commencement of the event due to :

  • Medical emergency, illness, injury or death occurring to you, your immediate family or companion
  • Mechanical breakdown, traffic collision or travel delay on the way to the event
  • Change of employment circumstances, relocation or redundancy
  • Plus other exposures that prevent a competitor attending the event

Insurance will not cover; change of mind or circumstances which existed prior to the purchase of the policy.

Read or learn more about our event registration insurance here

You can now enter and train with peace of mind that we have your covered!

Sprint Distance and Shepparton Multi Sport Festival Events

 Frequently asked questions

All the answers you need know


Challenge Shepparton Sprint Distance Triathlon

Q: How do I enter?

A: Enter online at www.challengeshepparton.com.au

Q: When do entries close?

A: To be able to supply you with race stickers, a bib, tattoos you need to enter before 5pm on Friday 11 November.  E- Tickets will be sent out on Thursday 10 November, so if you enter after this date you will need to bring ID with you as you will check-in as a late entrant.

Q: Do you take team entries?

A: Yes. Challenge Sprint is a great way to achieve a goal with friends.

Q: Do you have to have three team members?

A: Teams can be two or three participants.

Q: What is the minimum age?

A: Entrants must be at least 15 years of age on the day of the event.

Q: How fit do I need to be?

A: You must be medically and physically fit.

Q: What time do I have to be ready for the start?

A: The Sprint Distance race start time will be determined closer to race day.  Last year it started at 6am. We will have to wait and be guided by the Triathlon Australia Officials.

Q: Do I get a ticket?

A: You will receive an E-Ticket on Thursday 10 November by email.  You will need to bring your E-ticket with you to registration on Saturday.  You can present it as a printed copy or on your phone.

Q; When do I need register and check my bike in?

A: Race registration is on Saturday 12 November from 11am and 4pm

Q: Is there a safe place to leave my spare clothes/towel?

A: Yes there is a bag compound area provided in the event site, make sure your bag is named

Q: Is there on course hydration and nutrition?

A: Yes this is supplied by our event partner Endura.  Water, Endura and nutrition will be available at several points on course.  We also have Red Bull on board to supply energy drinks

Q: Is there medical assistance available?

A: Yes. Medical assistance is available on course, at the finish line and in the recovery area.

Q: This is my first time where can I get advice?

A: Contact your local Triathlon Club they are more than willing to share their knowledge.


Swim Leg and Open Water Swim

Q: What is the water temperature in the lake?

A: At this time of year the average weather temperature is min 11 and max 26. We anticipate the water temperature will be a mild and comfortable.  We will provide updates on weather and water conditions 5 days out from the event date. Ref

Q: Do I need to wear a wetsuit?

A: Wetsuits are a personal choice depending on the water temperature and distance of the swim. Refer to rules and regulations on our website.

A: Can I train in the lake?

Local sports clubs have bookings to use the lake for formal activity. The general public need to give way and be mindful of personal safety when the waterway is being used.  You can train in the lake and you do so at your own risk as there are no lifeguards present. We recommend you do not swim alone.

Q: Is the Open Water Swim event timed?

A: Yes, a timing band is provided as part of your entry.

Q: Is there somewhere to leave by bag for the Open Water Swim?

A: Yes, make sure it is named.


Run Leg and Fun Run

Q: Can I walk/run?

A: Yes, participants can race at your own pace. No matter what the distance runners often take time to walk and recover during a run.

Q: Is the Fun Run timed?

A: Yes, your entry includes a timing bib

Q: Is there somewhere to leave my bag for the Fun Run.

A: Yes, make sure it is named.


Cycle Leg or Criterium – coordinated by the Shepparton Cycling Club

Q: Do I need a special bike?

A: For the Sprint Distance triathlon you don’t need a special bike, however we recommend you see a bike mechanic to make sure it is road ready and operating well.  They can also give you tips of how to convert your weekender or garage bike into a road bike for better performance.

A: For the cycle Criterium you will need to contact the Shepparton Cycling Club for advice

Q: What do I wear on the bike after the swim?

A: For the Sprint Distance a tri suit is a good investment because it is suitable to swim, ride and run in, but not compulsory.

A: You could wear bathers for the swim, pull on bike shorts over the top for the ride, then swap for running shorts for the run.  A swimming vest or firm top would be suitable for all three legs.

Q: Where do I park bike whilst swimming and running?

A: For the Sprint Distance you need to check your bike into the bike compound on Saturday.  Security will be on site overnight and you will transition at your bike location from the swim and then on to the run
Q: Where can I find out more information on the cycle Criterium.

A: Contact the Shepparton Cycling Club – www.sheppartoncyclingclub.com


Trikids triathlon – coordinated by the Shepparton Tri Club

Q: What ages do you need to be to enter?

A: Races are available for 7-9 years – 50m swim, 2km bike, 400m run and 10-15 years – 100m swim, 4km ride, 800m run.

Q: What time does it start?

A: All entrants, parents and guardians need to be present at the race briefing at 4pm. 10-15 years will start at 4:05pm and 7-9 years will start at 4:20pm.

Q: Where will the kids swim?

A: The swim will take place in the lake at the Victoria Park Lake precinct.

Q: Can the kids touch the bottom of the lake?

A: Kids will be able to reach the bottom at the start to enter and at the finish to exit.

Q: Will there be water safety provided?

A: Yes, volunteers will be in the lake to assist any child who is struggling and swim noodles will be provided if they need to rest during the swim.

Q: What is the water like?

A: Water visibility is good and trimming of the water weeds has taken place.  We anticipate the temperature to be mild and comfortable.

Q: How far out will the swim be?

A: The kids will swim out a short distance from shore, turn left and swim horizontal to the lake edge, then turn left and make their way to the exit point.

Q: Does a parent need to be there or can my child go with his/her friends?

A: A parent or appointed guardian will need to be present for the complete race period

Q: Will my child receive a medal or prize?

A: All participants will receive a medal and prizes in the form of gift vouchers will be awarded to male and female place getters in both races.

Q: What type of bike do they need?

A: Each child will need a bike in working order and one they feel comfortable to ride.

Q: Where will they ride?

A: Children will ride on the road from Victoria Park Lake towards Aquamoves and around the lake.

Q: Will the roads be closed?

A: Yes, road closures will be in place and secure before race start

Q: Where will they run?

A: Children will run on the pathway around the lake precinct and finish in the Challenge event venue.


Helpful contacts and general enquiries:

Shepparton Swimming Club – email: sasc@mcmedia.com.au

Shepparton Runners Club – email: travy@iprimus.com.au

Shepparton Triathlon Club – email: info@sheppartontriclub.com.au

Shepparton Cycling Club – email: info@sheppartoncyclingclub.com